Don’t Use Your Initials as Your Personal Logo – What To Choose Instead


“Would love some feedback on my new personal logo.” “Check out my self branding project.”


Before looking at either of these projects I know that in all likelihood, the designer has created a logo with two or three letters that make up their initials.


This isn’t the worst mistake a designer can make and don’t feel bad if you’ve done this. It is natural to jump to initials as a representation of you. We’ve seen it so often it has become seemingly the only option.


Let’s pretend for a moment that logo designers used the “always initials” policy for companies. Nike’s swoosh would be replaced by an, “N.” Which would fight with new balance, nestle, and Netflix who all are represented by the letter “N.” After all, it is their company’s initial. Mailchimp would be MC Tree House would be TH codecademy would be a single “C.” Apple – A. Asus – A. All companies would follow the policy. Goldman Sachs – GS. Wells Fargo – WF. I think you get the point.


No matter how much we spruce up the letters, most of us agree that this would be limiting, and to an extent, ridiculous.


Yet, the “always initials” policy has plagued thousands of members in the design community – the people who are meant to be most creative!


Here’s a quick tip to find something that isn’t your initials. The same way you would analyze what a company does when designing their logo, analyze what you do. Get specific about the kind of artist you are and in what niche. You design T shirts, make a T shirt logo. You’re an interface designer, make a mobile phone or layout logo. You are an illustrator, make a hand drawn logo of paper and a pencil (although illustrators are usually good about this).


If you don’t want to be so direct, choose a hobby, the apartment you live in, your bike, or your favorite movie. Make an abstract representation in your specific art style. Give others a tiny snippet of what your work is like. There is an endless possibility of things to represent you as a designer. All these options are sitting there in plain sight just beyond your initials.


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