How Many Logo Options to Show Your Client


I once heard Stefan sagmeister say he only presents 1 option to his clients. Arguments for showing one design can be convincing. The designer has a trained eye to decide the strongest piece so there’s little reason to show any weaker options. If the designer shows multiple designs and the client decides to go-ahead with a weaker design, the designer must continue working and reiterating on an inferior design. Possibly having to continue with branding a complete identity. It’s demotivating for a designer who does not feel the design is the correct direction.


The counter argument can be just as strong. The designer should show multiple choices so the client does not feel limited or backed into a corner. The client will feel more excited about one design when having seen it measured against others and picked it out of the line-up. The client knows their business best, so they are able to choose the image that best represents their company or product.


Here’s some helpful things to note.

1. The vast majority of designers provide their client with multiple options.

2. Most clients prefer to see multiple options.

3. Designers who aren’t world famous working for the largest brands can charge more for showing multiple options. (The biggest can get away with $50,000 dollars for a single choice).


I present 2 or 3 logo options. I say 2 or 3 because if I come up with three strong logo ideas I will present them all. If only two are good I will present only two. I believe there is another reason to present more than one. It forces you to re-analyze and try the design from another perspective.


Unless you are supremely confident and your services are requested by numerous businesses, then I suggest presenting 2 or 3 initial logo ideas. Charge for each separate idea. It forces designers to think deeply about the design and gives the client choice. Making for a better transaction all around.


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