1. Creative mastermind groups

At Rtweek, you’re not thrown into a sea of people that you have to direct message or craft careful introductions for to meet anyone. You’re not alone at this party, you show up to the party with 2 friends at your side.

Sign up now and you’ll be placed in a private group with 2 other designers. You can live chat with your besties anytime and see what projects they are currently working on. Your mastermind group will also be given projects that you can work on together, and upload collaborative works. You’ll be introduced to a set of friends with a love and passion for design just like you, use this opportunity to find collaborators for projects and create lasting connections that lead to job opportunities, recommendations, or business partners. Group members will be selected in part by location so there’s a higher chance that all group members share a time zone and can chat and work together frequently.

2. Design shows

Get an exciting look into the design process and creative problem solving of designers in the Rtweek community, see them in action as they dismantle design challenges and respond with unique solutions. Cheer on your favorite designer or your color group representative each week and vote on the outcome of the challenges. Some ideas for design shows include: Design Timers (like design time with a random medium and random project, but with 2 or 3 designers working on the same project.) Community Review (we have 2 or 3 designers highlighting and talking about the coolest projects they’ve seen in this week’s themed design projects from the community).

Rtweek design shows will be voted on by design champions in our community (you and me and all of us) to see which shows get produced, which challenges will be thrown in designers paths, and which designer’s work is the most awesome possum. Remember, the stars of our design shows will be hand picked from the community, so there’s always a chance to have at it yourself!

3. Design rounds – fast feedback

There’s something at design schools, art colleges, and some workplaces called, “rounds.” This is a time where designers get feedback on the designs they’re currently working on from peers, teachers, or design directors. It’s an important part of the design process and it’s difficult to achieve the same design standard without rounds and feedback from others.

The Rtweek community makes professional design rounds available to every design champion in the community at any time on any project. Here’s how it works: Kate is working on a flyer for an ice cream shop and she has 3 font options for the flyer’s header text. She can’t decide which one is best and goes back and forth between the options. She screenshots her font options, uploads the image to Rtweek and within minutes has feedback from three design champions using their design eye to help Kate out. Each design round is limited to receive 3 design feedbacks, this keeps the feedback quick and concise. Kate Shows her clients the end product, and they love it and give her free ice cream for a year. Later that night, Kate helps out other design champions in our community and she has fun giving her feedback and earning feedback points for her color group.

4. Weekly Themed Design Projects

Consistent practice is important and having fun motivation to make artwork can help.  Each week, our club will have a design theme that members of the community create designs and art work for. Upload your work to the weekly design theme page and get to look at all the other projects that our community members have been making. Entire teams can gain points by uploading artwork individually to the weekly themes, so encourage each other and work on projects together as friends! This is a great time to get yourself and your artwork featured in one of our community shows based on weekly theme projects.

5. Color groups, Point standings & a fun naming system

Our club will be separated into 2 levels. The first level will be color groups (the second is, 3 person mastermind groups). When you sign up, you fill out a questionnaire that determines your color group  (red, yellow, purple, or blue). There will be monthly point standings at the color group level, a color group can earn points by individual members contributing work to the weekly themed projects or by giving feedback in the design rounds section.

There will be a live scoreboard showing which color group has accumulated the most points during a month. Whichever color group has produced the most points in a month gets to own the Rtweek logo for the following month. If Purple ends the month with the most points, the following month the Rtweek logo will be entirely purple to show which team has contributed most to our club.

Club usernames will be generated based on your color group and your creative mastermind group. For example, if you join the blue color group your username will start with ‘B.’ If you’ve joined the 5th mastermind group on rtweek your username will be ‘B5,’ if you are the 2nd person to join your 3 person mastermind group your complete username will be ‘B5Y” (The first person will have an X, the second a, Y and the last a Z). This system is a fun way to gain recognition in our club anonymously and to see how close other users were to being put into your mastermind group or how long they have been in our club : )

6. Community voting

Rtweek will be powered and directed by our awesome club members, each and every beautiful one of us. We’ll start by voting on which features are most important and how much the club participation should cost vote here. After that, we’ll have a vote on our logo, on our UI design, and other aspects of the community. Once the community is developed and launched, we’ll hold votes on which features to add first, which shows to produce, changes that need to be made. With active participation from everyone, we can ensure our little club is the most awesome possum place to be.

7. Design tools

The community design tools help you grow your personal brand and flourish as a freelance designer or design student.

Project Pricer

Enter the project type (logo design, branding package, etc…) and answer questions about your experience level, jobs completed, and the client size and receive a reasonable project price to charge your client. No more worrying and stressing about how much to charge, with the project pricer we take you out of the guessing game

Design contracts

Download and easily fill out design contracts to send to your client to make sure goals and requirements are clear. Don’t spend time writing your own contracts or searching the web for good templates, we have them ready to go for you so everything is in tip top order and your freelance projects go smoothly.

Hashtag finder

Choose your field of artwork (illustration, animation, digital design etc…) and you’ll receive a list of super effective hashtags to help you grow your design business or brand! You’ll also get a list of good design showcase accounts to tag in your post to get featured on bigger accounts.