Let’s create this community together from day one!

With help and feedback from each of us, we can build it together and ensure it’s a place for all of us! In order to accomplish this goal, fill out the form below with your thoughts and ideas. Yay : )

Which 4 aspects of Rtweek are MOST exciting to you? (Please choose 4)

Which aspects of Rtweek are LEAST exciting to you? (Please choose 3)

To make Rtweek as accessible as possible to all design champs, I would like to make the club the lowest possible amount of $5/month. Can I 100% mark you down as willing to pay $5/month to join and support our club?

I would like to give the chance to try out the club without too big of a commitment, which idea do you think is best?

Based on a deeper description of the club from the explainer video, do you think it’s something you would really enjoy and actively use?

We’ll be having a logo competition if enough of us are interested in making this club happen. Would you like to enter and create a logo when the competition starts?

How excited are you about being part of the club if it were to become a reality?

Please Send concerns or additional feedback through here : )